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Revolutionary video production and screenplay conceptualization services based on California, USA.

Pearson Media Group is a trusted global video production house in California, USA with a vast network of connections in the media and film industry. Services offered are tailor-made for every unique client’s nature of business and personal requests without compromising the business’s intrinsic value.

Press Release

Pearson Media Group innovates media-ready releases by developing attention-grabbing content. An affiliate to the most impressive press release distribution companies serving only the best press release distribution services, visibility in the niche market is guaranteed and reach expansion, assured, with our news releases promoting diverse works catering to a broad spectrum of industries.


Reputed in the film industry for top-notch film production and conceptualization, Pearson Media Group has a team of professional screenwriters who develop the finest movie screenplays. We identify the ultimate challenge of our client’s works and unleash its potential before presenting it to Hollywood film producers – leveraging all key resources for a successful screenplay submission and pitch.

Film Trailer

Film trailers are powerful visual marketing materials that demand the attention of those who stumble upon them. Upping the game of how to make a film trailer engaging in a visually saturated content market, Pearson Media Group takes pride in developing world-class film trailers since the 2000s. Let us show you the true definition of what is a film trailer and be a witness as we transmute your words into visuals that do not fail to impress.

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