Pearson Media Group is a fully integrated content creation and distribution company specializing in video production and film conceptualization. Based in Anaheim, California, we are composed of highly-skilled teams equipped with knowledge and experience whose expertise lie in video production, video editing, film festival submission, project development, screenplay marketing, sales, and screenplay submission. Throughout the years, we have been famed in the industry for revolutionizing and distributing innovative, original content. We were formed by independent filmmakers and video producers and have been affiliated with various global networks.

Revolutionizing ideas as a habit, Pearson Media Group raises the bar of standards by innovating the traditional methods of video content production, short movie development, and publicity stunts to effectively influence the ever-changing flow of various markets and their diverse consumers. Our fail-proof dynamic campaigns allow us to meet practical demands and set trends by foreseeing what lies ahead in the curve.


A leading video production house committed to deliver excellence in every business pursuit, pushing boundaries by incorporating creative authenticity and technological prowess for a transformative campaign in the corporate world.


To unlock value and potential through reinventing trends and classic schemes of video production, film content conceptualization, and marketing campaigns that will amplify brand recognition to meet real-world demands.

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