With the latest developments on the digital platform, many companies focus on providing everyone trustworthy and dependable services. However, we will inevitably encounter such difficulty along the way when we do fair business.

Pearson Media Group LLC is an organization that aids many budding individuals to publish and produce their works on the large scale of the digital web. In addition to assisting many emerging people in publishing and producing their works on the vast scale of the digital web, they are primarily concerned with providing clients with the finest services possible to promote, enhance, and expand their potential. The integrity of their business is essential, and they will not tolerate fraud or other intentional conduct that may harm the firm’s reputation or image.

There is news circulating the platform that a few business companies have identified us in connection with false allegations of our transactions, which have resulted in negative perceptions, but this is not accurate. A group of unknown individuals created a similar business name with us, Pearson Media and Consultancy, causing disturbance to people. Pearson’s other accounts were intentionally compromised with the sole intent of causing damage to our business and its workers.

We uphold integrity in doing fair business in the digital platform, and there is no way we will make such inconsiderate activities to other companies.

We at Pearson Media Group LLC will be confident that our customers’ confidence in us is neither misplaced nor abused. We will investigate the circumstances surrounding this occurrence carefully and implement enhanced security measures for our online accounts. Any misleading information that you might read is not accurate and a mere black propaganda to bring infliction to our reputation.

We will provide you with the best services and never taint our name from intentional and false affirmations. Rest assured that the Pearson Media Group LLC team will be dependable to present the best customer service.

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Unless otherwise stated, Pearson Media Group LLC is an independent contractor. It should be perceived that we are in no way linked with, approved, sponsored, or otherwise connected with any other business, organization, or government body and therefore do not connect to another group Pearson Media and Consultancy.

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